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Read with me! Buddha’s warning to his disciples continues (5 Jan 2014) 佛對比丘的告誡

Chapter 22: Verses 26-39, on the continuation of the Buddha’s warning to his disciples


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26. By seeing woman as impermanent, suffering, without self and impure, the minds of the adepts are not overcome on looking at her.

27. With minds well accustomed to these temptations, like cattle to their pastures, how can men be deluded when attacked by the pleasures of the gods?

28. Therefore taking the arrows of mystic wisdom, grasping the bow of energy in your hands and girding on the armour of awareness, think well on the idea of the objects of sense.

29. It is better to sear the eyes with red-hot iron pins than to look on woman’s rolling eyes with misdirected awareness.

30. If at the moment of death your mind be subject to passion, it binds you helplessly and takes you to a rebirth among animals or in Hell.

31. Therefore recognize this danger and do not dwell on the external characteristics, for he sees truly, who sees in the body only Matter.

32. In the world it is not the sense-organs which bind the objects, nor is it the objects which bind the senses. Whoever feels passion for them (the objects of sense), to them is he bound. 33. The objects and the sense organs are mutually attached, like two oxen harnessed to the same yoke.

34. The eye grasps the form and the mind considers it, and from that consideration arise passion with regard to the object and also freedom from passion.

35. If then great calamity ensues by not properly examining the objects of sense, activity in the domain of the senses is conjoined with all disasters.

36. Therefore not abandoning awareness, faring with the highest heedfulness, and having regard to your own good, you should meditate energetically with your minds.”

37. While He thus instructed the disciples who had not proceeded to the end of the matter, Amrapali, seeing Him, drew near with folded hands.

38. Seeing the Seer seated with tranquil mind under a tree, she deemed herself highly favoured by His occupation of the grove.

39. Then with great reverence, setting her eyes, restless as they were, in order, she did obeisance to the Sage with her head, which was like a campaka flower fully opened.

p0041c24║ 迷亂生德想,  不覺醜穢形,
p0041c25║ 當觀無常苦,  不淨無我所。
p0041c26║ 諦見其真實,  滅除貪欲想,
p0041c27║ 正觀於自境,  天女尚不樂。
p0041c28║ 況復人間欲,  而能留人心?
p0041c29║ 當執精進弓,  智慧鋒利箭,
p0042a01║ 被正念重鎧,  決戰於五欲。
p0042a02║ 寧以熱鐵槍,  貫徹於雙目,
p0042a03║ 不以愛欲心,  而觀於女色。
p0042a04║ 愛欲迷其心,  炫惑於女色,
p0042a05║ 亂想而命終,  必墮三惡道,
p0042a06║ 畏彼惡道苦,  不受女人欺。
p0042a07║ 根不繫境界,  境界不繫根,
p0042a08║ 於中貪欲想,  由根繫境界。
p0042a09║ 猶如二耕牛,  同一軛一鞅,
p0042a10║ 牛不轉相縛,  根境界亦然。
p0042a11║ 是故當制心,  勿令其放逸。」
p0042a12║ 佛為諸比丘,  種種說法已,
p0042a13║ 彼菴摩羅女,  漸至世尊前。
p0042a14║ 見佛坐樹下,  禪定靜思惟,
p0042a15║ 念佛大悲心,  哀受我樹林。
p0042a16║ 端心斂儀容,  止素妖冶情,
p0042a17║ 恭形心純至,  稽首接足禮。


Read with me! Amrapali visits the Buddha and the disciples are warned (4 Jan 2014) 佛陀告誡弟子不把守六根的危險

Chapter 22: Verses 15-25, on Amrapali’s visit to the Buddha and the latter’s warning to his disciples


(A full list of topics can be found on my “Daily Readings” page;                                                  閲讀篇章全部收錄與 “Daily Readings” 頁面)

15. After passing one night there, the Srighana, moved on to the city of Vaisali and abode in a glorious grove in the domain of Amrapali.

16. The courtesan Amrapali, hearing the Teacher was there, mounted a modest equipage and went forth with great joy.

17. She wore diaphanous white garments and was without garlands or body-paint, like a woman of good family at the time of worshipping the gods.

18. In the pride of her beauty,’ she attracted by her united charms the minds and the wealth of the Licchavi nobles.

19. Self-assured in her loveliness and glory, like a forest goddess in beauty, she descended from her chariot and quickly entered the grove.

20. The Blessed One, seeing that her eyes were flashing and that she was a cause of grief to women of family, commanded His disciples with voice like a drum:-

21. “This is Amrapali approaching, the mental fever of those whose strength is little; do you take your stand on knowledge, controlling your minds with the elixir of awareness.

22. Better is the neighbourhood of a snake or of an enemy with drawn sword, than that of woman for the man who is devoid of awareness and wisdom.

23. Whether sitting or lying down, whether walking or standing, or even when portrayed in a picture, woman carries away men’s hearts.

24. Even if they be afflicted by disaster, or fling their arms about weeping, or be burnt with dishevelled hair, yet women are pre-eminent in power.

25. Making use of extraneous things, they deceive by many adventitious qualities, and concealing their real qualities they delude fools.

p0041c05║ 前至鞞舍離,  住於菴羅林。
p0041c06║ 彼菴摩羅女,  承佛詣其園,
p0041c07║ 侍女眾隨從,  庠序出奉迎。
p0041c08║ 善執諸情根,  身服輕素衣,
p0041c09║ 捨離莊嚴服,  自沐浴香花。
p0041c10║ 猶世貞賢女,  潔素以祠天,
p0041c11║ 端正妙容姿,  猶天玉女形。
p0041c12║ 佛遙見女來,  告諸比丘眾:
p0041c13║「此女極端正,  能留行者情,
p0041c14║ 汝等當正念,  以慧鎮其心。
p0041c15║ 寧在暴虎口,  狂夫利劍下,
p0041c16║ 不於女人所,  而起愛欲情。
p0041c17║ 女人顯恣態,  若行住坐臥,
p0041c18║ 乃至畫像形,  悉表妖姿容,
p0041c19║ 劫奪人善心,  如何不自防?
p0041c20║ 現啼笑憙怒,  縱體而垂肩,
p0041c21║ 或散髮髻傾,  猶尚亂人心。
p0041c22║ 況復飾容儀?  以顯妙姿顏,
p0041c23║ 莊嚴隱陋形,  誘誑於愚夫。