Read with me! Women strive to attract Siddhartha Part 2 and his reactions (3 Jan 2014) 婇女無法誘惑悉達多

Chapter 4: Verses 43-61, on women’s attempt to attract Siddhartha at the pleasure grove and how they failed


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43. Then another with rolling eyes sniffed at a blue lotus and addressed the prince with words that were slightly indistinct in her excitement:—

44. “See, my lord, this mango loaded with honey-scented flowers, in which the koil calls, looking as if imprisoned in a golden cage.

45. Look at this asoka tree, the increaser of lovers’ sorrows, in which the bees murmur as if scorched by fire.

46. Behold this tilaka tree, embraced by a mango branch, like a man in white garments embraced by a woman with yellow body-paint.

47. See the kurubaka in full bloom, shining like lac just squeezed out, which bends over as if dazzled by the brilliance of the women’s nails.

48. And look at this young asoka tree, all covered with young shoots, which stands as if abashed by the glitter of our hands.

49. See the pond enveloped by the sinduvara bushes growing on its bank, like a woman lying down and clothed in white silk.

50. Consider the mighty power of women; for instance, the sheldrake in the water there follows obediently behind his mate like a servant.

51. Listen to the sound of the impassioned cuckoo’s cry; another koil calls at once like an echo.

52. Can it be that spring brings passion to the birds, but not to the wiseacre who reflects on what he should not reflect on?”

53. Thus these young women, to whose minds love had given free rein, assailed the prince with wiles of every kind.

54. But despite such allurements the prince firmly guarded his senses, and in his perturbation over the inevitability of death, was neither rejoiced nor distressed.

55. He, the supreme man, saw that they had no firm footing in the real truth, and with mind that was at the same time both perturbed and steadfast he thus meditated:—

56. “Do these women then not understand the transitoriness of youth, that they are so inebriated with their own beauty, which old age will destroy?

57. Surely they do not perceive anyone overwhelmed by illness, that they are so full of mirth, so void of fear in a world in which disease is a law of nature.

58. And quite clearly they sport and laugh so much at ease and unperturbed, because they are ignorant of death who carries all away.

59. For what rational being would stand or sit or lie at ease, still less laugh, when he knows of old age, disease and death?

60. But he is just like a being without reason, who, on seeing another aged or ill or even dead, remains indifferent and unmoved.

61. For when one tree is shorn both of its flowers and its fruit and falls or is cut down, another tree is not distressed thereby.”

p0007b16║ 菩薩心清淨,  堅固難可轉,
p0007b17║ 聞諸婇女說,  不憂亦不喜。
p0007b18║ 倍生厭思惟,  嘆此為奇怪,
p0007b19║ 始知諸女人,  欲心盛如是。
p0007b20║ 不知少壯色,  俄頃老死壞,
p0007b21║ 哀哉此大惑,  愚癡覆其心。
p0007b22║ 當思老病死,  晝夜勤勗勵,
p0007b23║ 鋒刃臨其頸,  如何猶嬉笑?
p0007b24║ 見他老病死,  不知自觀察,
p0007b25║ 是則泥木人,  當有何心慮?
p0007b26║ 如空野雙樹,  華葉俱茂盛,
p0007b27║ 一已被斬伐,  第二不知怖。
p0007b28║ 此等諸人輩,  無心亦如是。


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